Focused Real Estate Investment

Integral Healthcare Properties

Significant and Stable Capital Base

Flexible and Long-Term Investment Approach
Our Focus

Elliott Bay Capital Trust invests in mission-critical and net leased healthcare properties that are integral for the future of healthcare delivery.

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About Elliott Bay Capital Trust

Elliott Bay Capital Trust, LLC is a privately held real estate investment management firm based in Seattle, WA and led by veteran real estate, finance and health care industry professionals.  Elliott Bay invests in mission-critical health care real estate properties and maintains strong and dependable financial resources, a patient investment approach and significant flexibility to drive value creation.

Elliott Bay is privately owned by its management team and Eldridge Industries. Eldridge Industries is a private investment firm that strategically manages its capital across a diversified portfolio of companies and select industries. Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, with offices in New York, London, and Beverly Hills, Eldridge is dedicated to growing market opportunities into significant businesses. Eldridge provides debt and equity capital along with perspective, relationships, and a network of supportive companies with a shared commitment to growth.

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